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  • are u missing..........

    any dustbunnies???????? if u are, they are at my house having a party under my fridge! the fridge wasnt getting as cold as it should and freezer wasnt doing well either. dd3 got ice cream out and it was sooooooo soft! so yesterday dh and i pulled it out and vacummed under it. we couldnt get the front plate off, so were spraying canned air thru the holes. lots of dust came out and used almost the whole dang can. i told dh, i wished the vacumn could still blow out like they did when i was a kid. he looked at me and said.......the shop vac will! so we get the shop, hook it up to blow and put it under the front of the fridge. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY!!!!!! looked like we were having a dust storm in the kitchen! and it brought out the biggest bunnies i have ever seen!!!!!!!! fridge is working good now

    i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!

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    We also take something on the back off and vacumn that. I bet we should do it again soon.


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      Lol you had a dust bunny convention under there. Wonder who's house there going to next....please not mine!
      Glad you got the fridge running well.

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        Chop, I think some of those dust bunnies came over to my house. I'll save them for you.


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          I know that you are supposed to clean under the fridge and clean the coils, and I know I am guilty, I just don't do it often enough.


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            I think all their cousins and friends are hiding out at my house. I HATE DUSTING!!!!!
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