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Unstockpile of freezer food.

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  • Unstockpile of freezer food.

    SJP was on the stock pile thread and she has the right idea, see how long you can go until you have to restock. I really want to just use up most of my food in the freezer, also I need to see what is in there. It would be fun to see how many dinners I can make until I really need to refill the freezer.

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    Excellent idea imho ...I have done this recently with just the frozen veggies noticed I was moving same bags over n over so we started completly over with all fresh bags now only the ones we will eat and now I have a meat drawer and shelf going, hard using up bits n pieces like my piece of ham saved for beans or scalloped taters etc....

    Go for it everyone


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      I've been procrastinating doing a pantry and freezer inventory forever.
      Was looking for something the other day and found 3 full jars of Paprika and at least as many of dry mustard. But, didn't find the corn starch I was looking for. I know as soon as I buy another box, I'll find the one I'm missing somewhere.


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        My husband and I decided we need to do this as well. I have pretty good control of the pantry, but the freezer is scary. Actually freezers, since the one on top of the fridge is full as well. Starting today, we are working on eating out of the litte freezer only until it is empty, then moving stuff from the chest freezer in for a weeks worth of meals at a time. I have to do this, I can't even make a tray of ice cubes the way it is now!


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          I could live off of what I have here in the house for a year or more probably. But of course, living alone, I am the type who could just eat a can of corn and be satisfied with it if thats what I felt like doing. My problem is that I get cravings for things that I DONT have here. Or either I keep coming on-line and finding all these terrific recipes that I just HAVE to try and I dont have all the ingredients for them. See? Its all YALL's fault! LOL


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            I have a fairly good system for both pantry and freezer and know what I have and what I need. I rotate stock so things don't get old before they are used. I can't keep green chile in the freezer, we eat so much of it. I am stockpiling more than I used to and it's because of the rising prices. I just want to keep somewhat abreast of it.