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    Hi! Am considering purchasing a food dehydrator and/or food saver. Am very lost on brands and quality, especially for food dehydrators...Also, for the food dehydrator, is this all practical, especially since I live in very humid Florida? Keeping moisture out of the air is a must, to prevent mold and mildew, from wrecking the walls, furniture and potentially any illnesses...How cost effective is a food dehydrator? After dehydrating foods, how long does the food last?...Will a food saver extend the life of dehydrated foods?...Also, back to the basics, how long will food, on an average, last, if stored with food saver bags/plastic containers?...Am looking forward to any and all advice! Thank you and Have A Great Day!

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    I Have 2 Ronco Dehydrators, As Seen On Tv, Had Them Forever, Never Had A Problem With Them. I Just Bought, Last Week, A Foodsaver, It Has A Pamphlet In It That Shows How Long You Can Keep Vacuum Sealed Items In Fridge/freezer, Some Things Are Several Years!


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      My first one was a yard sale purchase for $1. I think it was Sunbeam. It worked very well but wasn't big enough for what I wanted to do. I'm glad I bought the cheap one first to see if I actually wanted to dehydrate foods or if it was just a whim. Then I bought an Excalibur which is quite a step up from the Sunbeam. I like it very much and used it extensively to make beef jerky and dry fruits and vegetables. My vegetables lasted for years in airtight containers and I liked having them on hand and also to leave in our camp area/cabin for extended periods of time.

      When I had fruit that didn't get eaten I'd slice it and toss it in the Sunbeam, and my family wolfed the fruit quickly that way. The Excalibur is too large to turn on for one tray of fruit so I haven't done that in years.

      I don't know how to advise you about Florida's humidity, but I'd suggest airtight containers for sure. I've never used the sealed bags/vacuum bags but it seems that would be a good choice for storage. Keep your product in a pantry (out of light) and it will look more appetizing, too.