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I whoops on Dh's haircut

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  • I whoops on Dh's haircut

    Yesterday DH asked for a haircut. I just shave it off using the #1 guard. now before starting I joking said guard or no guard? and he said use no guard and see what happens. So i get his hair all off using the #1 guard. I popped the guard off so I could do the lining. I stepped back to wipe the hair off his face. I notice I left a couple of long hairs by his left ear. See where this is going... I turn clippers back on and run em his left sideburn.... whoops.. I had no guard on.. Shaved him right down to scalp. I turned clippers off and said ya want to hit me now or later. He gets up, goes into bathroom, comes back and said shave the rest off. I knew he was pissed. He is very concerned with his looks. He has either the kids or I pluck all white hairs from his face and head everyday. Obsessed with looking young. After shaving all of his hair off he had me take electric shaver and take his moustache off and rest of facial hair.
    Now in my eyes my DH is gorgeous. I felt in love with at first sight.. he looked just like Charles Barkley back in his prime. Now I have the Barkley of now's twin. You see Barkley in those phone commercials where he is calling Duane wade during his news conferance and he is in bed wanting him to pick him up some socks for his tootsies.. Well that is my James all the way. I am going to get a pic of him with his new do(less) look.
    Number One on my Bucket List is to see My DH next to Barkley.

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    Nice! I'd like to see that! I wonder how you could possibly sway him into keeping it like that? lol


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      If he looks like Charles Barkley you got a nice looking guy. I love when Charles goes on the talk shows, he is so funny & real.


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        It's nice to hear about a real booboo that turns out to be rather cool. Has he gotten over it yet?


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          If I can get a shot of him I will post it. He is just as funny as Barkley and right now just as big.. he put on alot of weight this winter.. To me he is just cuter.
          I personally would love for him to keep this look. his bald spot is getting bigger which he is freaking out about but with his hair stubbly short you can't tell there even is a bald spot... Hmmm my be my selling point on this haircut!!


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            That story reminds me of when my mom cut all of my brothers hair (4 of them). One day she was cutting one of their hair with the guard on. Well he moved the guard slipped and he ended up with a wonderful Reverse Mohawk. hahaha down to the skin. Never will forget that one as long as I live. She cut the rest of his hair as short as she could but for weeks you could see the shallow groove in his hair. Made for years of poking fun and mom's threats of if you dont sit still the same will happen to you.

            God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.