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    Last year I planted 18 climbing rose bushes that I bought from Walmart for about $2.50 each. I've never had roses before. Now I have MILLIONS of them! I know that when the blooms mature and start to turn color or fall apart I'm supposed to dead-head them. But there are SO MANY of them, would it hurt the bushes if I just went around with gardening shears and snipped off the ends of each stem? I wish I had pics to show you...I cant believe how beautiful and full each bush is!

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    I dunno about snipping off the blooms. I'd be inclined to dead head 'em by hand... but I'm not a real gardener.

    PLEASE take photos! I'd love to see them... and drool and be jealous!!
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      Found this:

      That being said, pruning a climbing rose is quite a bit different from pruning a bush variety. First, do not prune a climber at all for its first 2 or 3 years except to remove dead wood.2 It takes time to develop the long canes and large root system it needs to support them. If there are more than 4 or 6 main canes at this time, select the best and prune the others out all the way to the ground while the rose is dormant.3 For most climbers, spring pruning should be to remove dead wood and to remove canes that are weak, excessively crowded or crossing. As some canes get older, they stop producing productive flowering laterals. These older canes may be removed as well. Cut them from the base if possible.5 After that, much depends on the type of climber you have.

      That website is

      Would love to see the pictures too. Good luck with them.

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        I'm glad to hear you had such great success with your climbing roses! I just bought some climbers myself (haven't planted yet). Where did you plant yours? How large is your trellis?


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          MaryJo, I dont have a trellis. I have a fenced-in area for my dogs in the backyard and I planted the roses all the along the outside of the fence. It's not only beautiful, but gives the dogs more shade and privacy and between "scoopings" it cuts down on the poop odors.