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Good Morning May 7th

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  • Good Morning May 7th

    Really in my time it isn't but wanted to start a new thread. What's going on? These months are passing by so fast. Please let it rain in Az. I haven't seen rain in a long time. DD is in finals this week and so we are not happy person. Stress!!!! Kids can handle so much. So I just stay calm. I should be doing spring cleaning but told DD what I really want for Mother's day. I want her to organize my kitchen. She is good at this stuff. so I got shelf paper & next week we are doing it. I need to declutter & get this crap together, I have no patience so she said she is doing it after the finals. Best gift I will get. Married 32yrs & so much crap. I got stuff that I will never use so let it go. Tired of fighting the kitchen.

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    Howdy everyone! Happy Hump Day!!! Sitting here and eating breakfast before shoving off to the job, just am tired of having to work for a living!!!!!

    It's supposed to reach 80 degrees here in my area, but the next few days do not look so good. Roset, I wish I COULD send rain your way.......looks like it's going to be ruining our Mother's Day cookout. Guess that's one thing that's nice about living in are guaranteed sunshine more times than not. Here in the east you have to get used to "whatever"!!! I do like the change of the seasons, but I don't like the unpredictability of the weather within each one!!!

    After work, it's going to be yard work because of the impending rainy days ahead.........oh well, I'm not going to ruin my present day by worrying about the future, can't change it anyway!!!

    Hope everyone's day is filled with greatness and production no matter what you decide to do with it!!!
    The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

    Faith is believing in advance what already makes sense in retrospect. O:-)

    'Do not ask the Lord to Guide your Footsteps if you are not willing to move your Feet'


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      I wish we could send rain your way too! Our big lake is 30 feet above normal!! Last summer was a bad drought... guess this spring fixed that!

      Interesting note having nothing to do w/ anything... I looked up chiggers the other day. They don't really burrow into your skin. The intense itch is the digestive enzyme they inject into your skin pore to break down the skin so they can eat/drink it! The chigger is either brushed off or falls off when its had its fill and the enzyme makes it keep itching!!

      Happy Humpday all!!
      "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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        Luvs, You'll Probably Get What's Passing Thru Here, Hopefully It Will "die Down" Alittle Before It Gets There!


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          *Yawn* Morning all. Light sprinkles here. Supposed to be more rain later. So kind of a nice day.

          God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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            Good morning all! Sitting here with my kitty draped around my neck, her usual morning ritual when I sit down in front of the computer! Hard to see the screen at times becos she keeps nuzzling my face! Since I spent the entire day on yardwork yesterday, I'm spending the day on inside cleaning before I go off to work this afternoon. Roset, good luck on your kitchen. I moved a year ago and it was a great opportunity to de-clutter years of accumulation that I didnt need. But ya know what? I need to do it again already! It just sneaks up on you - if you dont get rid of things the minute you realize they serve no active purpose in the kitchen, they multiply!


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              Not such a good morning here...and I'm sorry to unload...but I need to let off some steam. You can pass right by this if you want LOL!

              Had DS's CPSE meeting yesterday (transition to preschool from county services), and dont you know this crappy school district of mine CUT HIS THERAPIES? Dont even want to get into how mean the BIATCH was. I have to get a lawyer now...that I cant afford...and fight for what they SHOULD be giving him without question!!!! It REALLY sucks here if your disabled and want to go to school...GOD FREAKIN FORBID!

              DH left right after meeting for a 3day trip to New Hampshire (for work), so I am alone with the kids...when he returns Friday we leave to spend the weekend with the EVIL MIL in Florida...ON MOTHERS DAY!!!! But it actually is a sadder trip because Great Grandma isnt doing so well...she is 98 and fading fast. I want DH to see her before the "worst case" happens...and she hasnt seen the kids in 2yrs (DS hasnt been able to fly, and GGM couldnt fly here). It was my idea to fly there and surprise stupid am I?

              ALSO, my co-leader (who has been trying to ruin me, because she wants the troop and is friends with the OLD co-leader who stole from our girls) anyway, my co-leader who is also in charge of the cookie sales, is SOMEHOW short $400.00!!! All money was due May I now have to scramble and figure out where this money (or cookies) went!!! She has no clue what happened... USELESS!!!

              As I write this all out I'm thinking I should write a screen play or Soap Opera because this crap is GOLD!!! There is SO much drama attached to this troop and mt life that it seems like a joke! I keep looking for the camera!!! When am I going to be on "Punked"? I ask you...


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                Sew, Going To See Ggm Is A Very Good Idea, Even If You Have To Put Up With The Devil Re-incarnate Mil! Good Luck.

                Fight Like Hell To Get Help For Ds!!! Just Because He's Physically Handicapped, Doesn't Mean He's Mentally Handicapped, And Even If He Was, He Still Deserves Schooling!!! Open Up A Can Of Whoop-ass On 'em!!!

                Goodluck With Girlscouts, Hopefully Error Is "found"!


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                  Dreary and gloomy here. Spitting rain here and there.
                  Had a dentist appt at 7:00 a.m. It's 9:30 and the whole side of my face is still numb, so I haven't even had a decent cup of coffee yet.