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I am going to commit murder!

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  • I am going to commit murder!

    Scott's being all pissy with me because he has a pre-triral and two court trials all scheduled on Monday.
    "How the f* did those sneak up on me?"
    They've been on your calendar for over a month!
    So he's out here behind my desk digging through the file cabinets trying to find all three files. He can't find any of them. So I turn around and open the drawer and find all three of them right where they are supposed to be.
    Good thing I'm off! Better get out of dodge while the gettin's good.
    I can only guess at how many times he'll call me on the cell this afternoon.
    *vent over*

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    Hope you know a good lawyer! lol


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      Tell him you quit your job and see if he gives you a raise to keep you with him, which in my opinion you deserve. If for no other reason then putting up with him.


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        Why do they take it out on us? Smart thing to do is leave and of course if you have your favorite credit card, well you make just need to treat yourself for abuse of lost folders. Have fun~