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New ways to use the crockpot

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  • New ways to use the crockpot

    I'm watching Home Shopping they did have a fun crockpot (I don't need anymore) but it has 2 inserts one regular & one with a divider. Cheese sauce on one side & nacho meat on the other. Chocolate sauce & carmel sauce dip in fruit. Ok it was fun, but she also said stick the insert in the fridge for a few hrs & put in salads, they will stay colder longer. Never thought of that. I never thought of chilling the insert for cold foods, I guess I must be stupid. It's a good idea if you are having to keep food cold for a long period of time. She also said you can take the insert & put it in the oven, don't know how high the temp could go, I would be afraid it would crack. Never thought of chilling it for the cold foods.

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    My corningware one and my newer West bend specifically say NOT to put in ovens in their manuals. The one on TV must be a little different. Most crockpots are ok to mix stuff and keep in the fridge overnight, then put on the heat thing the next day, so keeping salads cold is probably ok.


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      I was suprised to find out you can use that insert in the oven but thought this may crack unless certain temps. Never even thought about using it in the fridge. Really thought it was fun to see they got a divider so you can use it on low for some sauces. The rival crockpot was only $35 with these 2 inserts, know they want to sell it but fun to see how many uses you can do with the crockpot. I with think about using the crockpot so different now.


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        I've put my insert into the oven many times. It is the same material they use for lots of bakeware.

        I never thought of chilling it though. Great idea.


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          Love the divided dish idea!


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            I actually got out of bed, went downstairs and wrote my credit card info in big numbers (so I could see without glasses), went back upstairs and ordered the crockpot!! I had to use my big crockpot last Sunday for a Marine family day and as I was packing it up to take it (full of meatballs), discovered that it wasn't working.

            This new one actually came out to be a little over $50 when shipping and taxes were added on - don't actually know if that is a good price or not. I'll let you know how I like it.