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  • Hummingbird

    First one this AM. We love to watch them. I've had my feeders out since last Sunday. DH (belive it or not) stood to watch TV so he could see if any more showed up. Summers on the way!!!!!

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    Good!! That means they should be here soon. I've had the feeder out for a week too and bought a hanging basket of red geraniums yesterday. It's hanging about 2 feet from the feeder. Should get their attention.
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      They've been here for a few weeks. I've got feeders all over the place. My goal is to get photos holding the feeder w/ hummers in my hand! I LOVE to watch them and they don't seem too fightened of us at all.

      Also... I put a decorative bird house on our front porch for Babe to put up on the top of a cut tree... and before we could... a bluebird built a nest in it!! I try not to go out the front way so as not to scare the mama bird!
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        I'm green with envy. I quit using feeders 2 years ago as ants are a terrible terrible problem here, and I got tired of fighting them.

        In theory, the only hummingbirds we have (the ruby throated), arrive at about the time the azaleas open. Mine have been open for a week, and despite spending 2-3 hours each of the last 3 weekend mornings sitting out looking for a hummer, I have yet to see one. I have 2 hanging pots of magenta colored petunias, 2 hanging pots of brilliant pink geraniums and 2 pots of fuchsia. Sigh.... They'll show up sooner or later; they always do. I know from years of using feeders that they do feed extensively from them early in the season. I'll just have to be patient and wait.