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Mothers Day

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  • Mothers Day

    Have A Blessed, Happy Day, Everyone

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    Happy Mother's Day to everyone here from me as well!

    Oh! and aren't we just THE best???
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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      Happy Mothers Day also. I also have a sons anniversary on the 11th and his B-day on the 12th. Busy time.


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        to all the mothers, hugs and kisses, us guys couldnt have made it without you,


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          If Lindsay Logan's Mom got an award for being a Mom then we all know we should get one too. They honored this women who made her two girls go into show business & she wants them to make money. Well, that's not a real Mom, we know we are always there for them, cooking, listening & helping them. None of us really care about the gifts either. Rather them save their money, just want to say I love you & maybe a card. Been on this board for many yrs and seem to have gotten to know most of you, good times & bad times we all try to help eachother, most problems are with the kids and those of you who don't have kids, maybe a dog or cat you are Mom too. You got to make sure they eat & get attention too. So we are all Mom's and let's just give ourselves a big pat on the back. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!!!!


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            Thank you and Happy Mothers day to you also. and everyone here, even you Rogue, happy Muthers day!!! lol


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              One of my nicest things about today was that I was able to remind both of my grown daughters about a past Mothers Day gift they gave me. When they were 6 and 4 years old, they tried to make me breakfast in bed on Mothers Day. They werent allowed to go near the stove, so they tried to make me toast with jelly. But they thought they were supposed to put the jelly on the bread before they put it into the toaster! I woke up to a smoky kitchen because the toast had stuck to the inside of the toaster and it wouldnt pop up. Both of them were bawling and afraid I was going to be mad at them. I loved telling them both today how my heart smiles everytime I remember that!


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                TO ALL MOTHERS TODAY!!!

                WE ROCK!

                I hope you all enjoy your day the way you want to. I hope you all have wonderful years, full of joy, love, and plenty of laughter.

                Oh, cottun, that is too sweet!