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I got a Mother's Day gift today!

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  • I got a Mother's Day gift today!

    I'm mad but I'm happy~~~ DS 26 came in today and asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I said "Please do not spend any money on me, all I want is for all of us to be together for a nice dinner, and if you think you need to buy me something, buy me a hanging basket of flowers" DS said, "No way! I'm going to get YOU something awesome"! So, later today he returns with this gift bag, and in it is the most gorgeous turquoise leather purse, and indeed, it is GORGEOUS! in the bottom of the bag is honeydew shower gel and body lotion. DS said "Mom, just for YOU" awwwww. But, it came with a large price tag, and I did not want that,,,I meant to express to him that small thngs like flowers make me happy. I feel almost guilty excepting the gift, but I know it pleased him to pick out and purchase it, I gave him a HUGE hug and many kisses!!!
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    How Sweet. I do the same with my Mom. She says that she doesn't want anything but I just want to give her the thinks that I know she'll enjoy but won't go out and buy them for herself.

    Enjoy your Mother's Day!
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      Carry your beautiful new purse proudly and enjoy every minute that you use it. He picked it out special for you, it was a heartfelt gift from him.

      I understand and agree with you, simple things mean a lot but this was something he truly wanted to do for you.


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        Awww, what a sweet son! I know that it was more than you wanted him to spend, but it sounds like he was so proud to be able to spend the money on you! That made HIM feel good too! Carry that purse with pride, Mom!
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          That was so sweet of him! Enjoy your gift! I can imagine how good he feels having the opportunity to spoil you like that!