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  • Help need substitute

    I want to make a Baked Bean casserole and it calls for sorghum molasses. Is there a good substitute or should I just wait till I get it? The recipe also has ground beef, bell pepper, onion, liquid smoke and bbq sauce. Thanks

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    I think if it were me.. I would either sub Maple Syrup, or Brown Sugar....

    By the way, the recipe sounds delicious! Is it posted here, or could you post it?
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      The recipe that I've been using for years now calls for Log Cabin Pancake Syrup. I dont buy that particular brand, but I do use pancake syrup instead of molasses in my baked beans, and its delicious! Especially when I bake them with some bacon on top!


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        OK- I wasn't sure what sorghum molasses tasted like. So, I will just try the syrup. I will post the recipe later today. Thanks for the replies! BTW-Happy Mother's Day!


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          This sounds yummy!