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Happy Mothers Day

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  • Happy Mothers Day

    I hope that all you "moms" have a fabulous day! I'm a proud mom of a 7 yr old Boston Terrier (Rocco), whom I love more then sliced bread

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    Happy Mother's Day!! My ds2 (12) just texted me from his bed to tell me happy mothers day. I don't know if I should be tickled for him remembering and thinking of a cute way to do it, or upset that he was too darn lazy to get out of bed and come give me a hug! LOL The other 2 are still sleeping. I hope you all have a super day and are able to celebrate it in whatever way you enjoy!


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      Thanks, and Happy Mothers Day back at ya' and to everyone else. DD (20yrs) moved back in last night for mothers day! lol
      Brought her cat, which I love cats, DH hates them, Oh well, he's out voted! lol