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Kitchen Tips for Newlyweds!

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  • Kitchen Tips for Newlyweds!

    FOOD FUNNIES: Kitchen Tips for Newlyweds

    9. Never go to bed angry or without checking to see if the
    stove is off.

    8. Order in. A lot. You can learn to cook later.

    7. Flavored massage oils are not recommended for seasoning
    new skillets.

    6. No matter how romantic the idea may seem at first, frying
    bacon for breakfast in the nude is guaranteed to result in
    a trip to the emergency room for one of you.

    5. Microwaves + silverware = BAD IDEA.

    4. Although they’re always glad to drop by, you can’t keep
    inviting your moms over three times a day, seven days a week,
    in the hopes they’ll cook for you.

    3. Freezer burn is not nearly as fun, nor as healthy, as rug burn.

    2. When your loved one gets home from a hard day of work, don’t
    burden her with unreasonable expectations: dial Domino’s yourself.

    ... and the #1 Kitchen Tip for Newlyweds ...

    1. Even if it is your refrigerator too, your sneakers and your
    bait are going to have to find a new home.