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Hosta help needed please

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  • Hosta help needed please

    I have 3 hosta plants that were here when we moved in (western NY state). They just broke ground last week. They really look pretty homely when they are
    full grown. What has anyone tried that works? Also, they get holes in them which doesn't help their appearance.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    For me, making sure they didn't have too much sun was my best tip.


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      Mine are in part sun. I wondered if anyone fed theirs anything special or did anything to theirs.


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        The holes are insect holes - sprinkle plant liberally with sevin dust and feed with some miracle grow plant food - this will help them to bloom.


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          If your hostas are the older green and white variety they can take some sun.

          The holes are most likely from slugs...they love hostas! If you have pets and don't want to put anything harmful out to kill the slugs you can try putting a circle of pennies around the plants. The slugs won't cross the copper. Also you can put shallow containers of beer out and the slugs will fall in and drown. Good luck!


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            We put a circle of copper around them last year and left the copper there for this year. They still got holes! )-:


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              Had hosta for years in Virginia. They do better in the shade, but had several in the sun. I agree, the holes are most likely from slugs.

              You probably need to divide them. Easier when they are not out all the way. They are pretty tough. Just take a shovel and go straight down. You can put them in water for a few days or put them in the ground and water them there. They can get crowded if they aren't divided.

              Loved hosta. You could pot some and give them as gifts. They are fairly pricey - never did understand why. There are so many kinds too, even miniature ones. They don't need any care once they are established - just watch for the slugs. I used four plants and made borders almost all of the way around my house.


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                I divide mine about every three years. They do better if they are divided here and there. I usually divide in early spring before the leaves have come out fully. I dig the whole plant, use a BIG knife and cut the plant into pieces. Make sure that each plant has a couple of leaves and some roots. They can lay around (in the shade) for a couple days before you plant them. They don't look great the first year, but then take right off.

                For the slugs..... plenty of slug baits available. You may want to try diatonacious earth.


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                  Yep - Miracle Grow and Dividing

                  When I first moved into our present home, there was a large hosta bed on the north side of the house, perfectly shaded with some sun, and the hostas were very large and had grown into one very bushy, thick, overgrown mess. Two years ago I finally dug out the entire mess and replanted in spaced clumps. They looked horrible last year, but this year look radiantly healthy. So I agree that overcrowding may be the problem as well as fertilization. Use Miracle Grow, as already suggested, throughout the season and in the fall when they die down, spread some lime and manure over the bed. It will work its own miracle over the winter.

                  I don't have slug problems and never heard of the copper penny solution!

                  I don't know why hostas are so expensive to buy, either. I bagged up my extras and lined them up down the sidewalk in front of my house with a sign reading "free hostas." They were gone in a few hours and I know people were glad to get them. I did the same with an overgrown iris bed last year ~ can't wait to see the blooms this summer!

                  I lost my hens & chicks over this past winter, which was more severe than normal, and they are expensive to replace, too. $5 for a 4" pot with 1 hen surrounded by dime-sized chicks. I hope to find someone who wants to thin their own bed and will share.

                  Well, Nelliesmom, I hope you find a solution and have beautiful hostas this year. I tend to ramble mornings... and it's early...