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Chefkel's fried coconut shrimp in T&T ...

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  • Chefkel's fried coconut shrimp in T&T ...

    ... are TO DIE FOR!! I made them last night, using a gluten free beer and cornstarch instead of flour (no wheat or barley) for me and they worked great!

    We didn't make them into tacos and I didn't make the avocado mango salsa... they were so danged good all by themselves... dipped into a little honey mustard.

    YUMMY!! Definitely a keeper recipe!!

    Thanks, Chefkel!!!
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    Will have to do, you know it! Thanks!

    Oh, and I know I said a while ago that I had a biscuit recipe for you...Well, I made those ones again and that was the yucky recipe. I'll have to try another one and see if it's the good recipe! Had been a while since I'd tried them...


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      I just love reading the reviews when someone tries a new recipe they got from here! Thanks luvs2eat!


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        I love coconut shrimp..thx for the review I have used the Cajun Spice & Blackening Rub that you can buy at Albertson's and it is great stuff. I would like to make this and add the Cajun Spice & Blackening Rub to the egg mixture to spice it up even more.


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          YAY!!! im glad you liked them

          so much fun when I come on and see a thread for me!
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