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  • Have you ever....

    Have you ever started a recipe and mid-way through putting the dry ingredients in the bowl, found out you didn't have everything? What did you do?

    I started making some pumpkin bread, greased and floured the pan, turned the oven on, sifted flour, added baking powder and then..........
    no baking soda #$!$#@!$#@

    So, I just finished adding all the dry ingredients, put mixture in a plastic bag with note to add soda, wrapped the prepared pan in foil and put everything up. I'll just have to wait until I get to town to buy soda. Dang I was hungry for pumpkin bread too!!

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    I've Done That Several Times. Aggrivating!!!! I'm Sure I'll Do It Again!! Luckily In My Small Town The Grocery Store Is Only 2 Blocks Over And 4 Blocks Up, So No Big Deal To Run To Get Just One Thing.


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      Been there, done that many times. At least you didn't go to far, and mess up your ingredients!

      Mmm, pumpkin bread! I have 2 cans of pumpkin that I need to use up.


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        It happens more than I want it to. I triple check the ingredients now before I bake.


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          All the time...I send DH to the store.


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            Has happened, I have a store close by, probably would go and get it. But if I didn't feel like doing that, and SO wasn't available to go for me, I would do the exact same thing you did AllieK.


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              I Loved It When The Kids Had Just Gotten Their Licenses They Loved To Go On Those Little Errends Again!!! Lol


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                unfortunatly, the nearest store is 8-9 miles from home and with gas prices, those little trips can't be made as often.