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This just bugs the bejeesus out of me

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  • This just bugs the bejeesus out of me

    Boss is sooo tight with a friggin' dollar. Plumber was here for almost 8 hours yesterday. Only charged us for 6 (he didn't charge us for all the time he spent running around trying to find parts for this old building). Gave us a commercial discount. Including all parts, the bill was 359.00. More than reasonable. DBoss is having a fit. Wants me to "hold off" paying the bill.
    This man (boss) charges 100.00 an hour for his services AND the client has to come up with a huge retainer up front, before boss will even appear in his/her criminal case. He doesn't bat an eye at spending a couple hundred dollars a several times a week to play golf, or thouands of dollars to go on golf trips every couple of months. But he doesn't want to pay the plumber...
    (Who, by the way, was here into the evening - while boss was out playing golf!)

    *vent over*

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    Have you tried explaining that services rendered have to be paid just like others do for his bills? Drop a bomb on him and tell him your opinion, but you know him better than I do.


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      Bugs me

      Believe me, after 16 years together, he knows exactly what I think! LOL


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        Where are my posts going???????

        I responded to this and several others..............losing them.......

        Oh well, your boss needs a gentle reminder that the plumber was being nicer than him, for sure!

        Sounds like he is a selfish Jerk.