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Luvkidrock, how are you doing??

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  • Luvkidrock, how are you doing??

    You are probably so busy too with your Mom in the hospital. When you get to be on the first name bases in the hospital with family going in there, that is scarey. By now you must know your away around the hospital. Hope your Mom is doing much better. Let's hope after this, no more family in the hospital the rest of the year. It is way too much for you. I think you went threw enough.

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    Thank you Roset...

    Mom came home, but yesterday in PT, they said that her hand was bad again. The doctor is going to decide today what he is going to do. I guess the antibiotics at home aren't strong enough or something. I guess I will know more at 3:30 today. She is in so much pain and is really sick.

    I went to the doctor and I have to go back Tuesday for my final ultrasound. They are going to schedule my surgery today. He still doesn't want to take the ovary. He said that the benefits of the ovary outweigh the problems it is causing. He said if it doesn't look healthy he will take it.

    My son is doing great with his new compression bandages. His scarring looks pretty good. It will always break my heart when I look at it, but then I have to be thankful that he is here for me to look at. Thank God for that.

    One day I am going to get on here and tell you all some great news....I hope. Maybe I'll win the lottery.