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Goooood Saturday Morning!!

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  • Goooood Saturday Morning!!

    It seems like I'm the early bird this morning. CookinKat where are you?? If I try singing, I'll scare everyone else off the board and set the dogs to howling....

    It is cool and drizzly here this AM. Forecast is that it should clear and tomorrow should be a bit better. I had hoped to get into my garden today but I guess I have to be content with inside chores.

    For us Canadians, this is Victoria Day week-end and it is a long week-end, as you can tell by the line-ups at the border crossings, the line-ups at the garden centres, the line-ups at the beer stores...

    The unoffical name for this holiday week-end is The May 2-4, because it usually falls close to May 24th (yes it is early this year), and is usually celbrated (at least by the younger crowd) with the consuming of much beer, which is often bought in a 2-4 (a case of 24)

    Now that your history lesson is finished kiddies, what are your plans for the week-end?
    Communicate. It can't make things any worse!

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    taking it easy this weekend,cleaning house a little, lol, and doing as little as possible, im lazy,lol


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      Morning, going to see my nieces this afternoon then sunday no real plans just pick up afew things from grocery store and maybe watch free movies on demand!

      Have a nice weekend everyone


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        Busy weekend for me and my family. Youngest granddaughter is being confirmed tomorrow, family celebration afterwards at my daughters house. Looking forward to seeing everybody. So I am busy today preparing some food for tomorrow. Our weather is nice, about 80 ° , but not so humid, which is nice. Back to the kitchen....


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          Good morning all! I'm working this weekend as usual. But I did get out this morning and do some maintenance on the koi pond, then went shopping for some new fish and some new waterplants. My day off yesterday was terrific- I finished up some projects that I havent had time to finish, then I made myself a steak dinner, then spent some time in a bubble bath with a lovely glass of wine! Just wish I had more time off like that!


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            This weekends schedule is pick up DS1 so he can come over to do laundry. Drive him to work tonight. Other than that it is R&R for me. I guess I also need to start making some lists of things I need to get done and things to bring to my Niece's. Other than that I plan on a quiet weekend.

            God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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              DH and I rode in the "Crimestoppers Fun Run" today on the motorcycle. Raises money for Crimestoppers, duh! lol. Won a $5 gift card for Starbucks, $10 gift card for Circuit City, and a T-shirt. They didn't have big sizes, it's a bike ride for gripes sake, who knows a skinny biker??? lol. So got a cut little spaghetti strapped one for DIL. She's still skinny, but she is on baby #2 you know! I got a large, even though she usually would wear a small to medium. Says Budweiser on it (they were a sponsor) good for a pregnant woman to be wearing huh? lol
              About to go down to Olney, TX, about an hr away, DH is going to buy a couple transmitions off someone there. Other than that, not doing anything much. I ususally clean house on Saturday mornings, and we were gone this morning, so it's not getting done til next weekend! lol.


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                Well, I started this post, so maybe I'll end it too. I did finally get into my garden and spent about 3 hours fixing the chickenwire (we have a loooot of rabbits) and edging. I also moved a pile of stones and generally cleaned up. My neighbour is planning on rototilling it tomorrow, for me and then, hopefully I can actually plant stuff this coming week.

                Hope everyone had a great weekend.
                Communicate. It can't make things any worse!