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Anyone have apple trees?

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  • Anyone have apple trees?

    We planted an apple (it was either macintosh or red delious) at least 4yrs ago and it blooms every year but does NOT produce fruit. Do we need to have a second tree to "cross pollinant"? Why does it not produce fruit? What did we do wrong?

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    Found this for you. Looks like yeah need another of a different type and that blooms at the same time. This website has a 'bloom chart' so you can find one to go along with it. Hope this helps and you get some yummy apples maybe next year.

    Pollination - All apple varieties should be considered self-incompatible, meaning that they cannot pollinate themselves or any flowers of the same apple variety. The highest quality fruit is harvested when cross-pollination occurs with a suitable pollinizer variety. You will need to plant at least two varieties of apple trees together in order to maximize fruit production and quality. Make sure that the varieties you choose have overlapping bloom dates, so that both varieties bloom at the same time. Some varieties, such as Winesap, Mutsu, Jonagold, and Stayman, produce sterile pollen and should never be used as pollinizers. However, pollen from other varieties can be used to pollinate these pollen-sterile varieties. Remember, two trees of the same apple variety cannot be used for cross-pollination. Since the pollen from apple blossoms is transferred primarily by bees, be careful not to spray insecticides during bloom when honey bees are present.

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      i have two very old granny smith apples..that give me lots and lots of apples..