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WARNING for all Furbaby Mommies & Daddies

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  • WARNING for all Furbaby Mommies & Daddies

    Last night or should I say early this morning (like 1am). I had Picked up this package of the real bones that had been smoked from Kroger for our Black Lab 'Shadow'. Have done this a couple of times....she chews them they get old get tossed no problem. Well last night she was chewing/playing with one she was on her back using her paws too just having a fun time. All of a sudden she is throwing herself around the living room!! My DS2 and I finaly get hold of her and somehow it has slipped over her bottom teeth and under her lower chin.
    We tried for about 5 minutes to get it off. She could be calmed and was not choking but would panic when her tongue got out from under it and started to gag her. Called my niece and she came over to try to help. No go it had slipped over the teeth because they curve inward and would not slip off at all.
    Off to the Pet ER we go about 2am. $125 to walk in the door. They hurry her back, vet comes out says we need to hurry up and give her a shot to calm her down and get that off. Ok no problem I tell her. Said the shot would be around $65, NP. About 1/2 an hour later she comes back with the bone in 3 pieces. She said she even tried to slip it off once Shadow was alseep and there was no way.
    So we leave at 4am $189 poorer and with a happy puppy. She is a little tender in the mouth today and not eating her dry food a whole lot but is doing realy good. LESSON no more of those bones. They come in a package and are like a ham bone that is smoked and sliced into 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch slices. Think I may go to Kroger and talk to the manager about pulling those out of the store....and bring the vet bill with me.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.

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    Oh my, poor bugger!

    I occasionally buy marrow bones for my pair as a treat, but the ones I get are never very large in diameter. I had often thought it would be nice if they'd cut them from larger bones, but now I'm glad they don't. Sheesh. "Who'd a-thunk?"


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      I'm so glad she is okay. I never thought those bones were dangerous. So now Roxie & Freckie will not get them any more.



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        Originally posted by jackibowen View Post
        I never thought those bones were dangerous.
        Neither did the Vet. She was totaly surprised then after she removed it she said that she should have been aware of the danger since the inside of them is kind of triangle shaped it fits perfectly over the lower teeth and jaw. She said she is going to be letting their patients know about the danger.

        God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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          That's good to know, I'll tell my family, we're always giving our animals those kinds of bones. I was watching Animal Planet, Emergency Vets one night, a lady had brought in her dog who had eaten a full bag of pigs ears (the dog, not the lady) and the vet went on to tell how dangerous pigs ears were for animals, they have sharp pointy edges that can scrape and/or lacerate the dogs esophogus or stomach. Never bought another one since.


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            Oh, I am so glad your baby is ok!! How scary!! Nu, I didn't know that about Pig Ears.. I will keep that in mind.

            Another thing my Vet warned me about was to STAY AWAY from all RAWHIDE chews or anything edible for dogs that is made in China. Now that I have been paying attention, it is AMAZING how many dog products like that are made in China...
            Lauren ~The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. ~
            Martin Luther King, Jr.


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              Thanks for the heads up ... no more Pigs Ears here either after reading everyone's response to this thread.


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                Glad to hear Shadow is doing well today.
                Thank you for your warning.


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                  So sorry you had to go through all that to warn us. I'd never think those knuckle bones would get caught like that.. Yikes !

                  And that is a VERY cheap ER bill.. Minimum to walk in our ER Vet starts out at $250.00. Then all the other charges get tacked on..