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I had a major scare today

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  • I had a major scare today

    We noticed our dog barking today and he wouldn't stop so went out and checked and he was barking at a 2-3 ft. rattle snake. His pen is right by our covered cat pen. I had my house kitty, Oreo, out there for a few hours so she could breath some fresh air. After ds shot the snake with a 22, I opened the door to the pen, Oreo was right by the door. I picked her up and put her inside the house and didn't notice anything wrong. My ds came and told me an hour later that the side of her face was swollen. Damn, she got bit by that snake right below her eye. I just know she was trying to play with it.
    We looked through the phone book and called every vet that had an emergency number listed and....nothing. Why they advertise 24-hr. emergency care is beyond me. You sure cannot reach them when you need them.
    Oreo was lucky. She got bit in a place that the fang couldn't go in too far before it hit bone and we could only find one puncture wound, so she only got half of the poison. She sure looks funny, but she is eating and playing, so I guess she will be alright.

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    how scarry! glad u are ok.......and the cat too. i agree that she will be ok, or she wouldnt be eating and playing.

    i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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      Rattle Snake and Kitty

      I am SO glad your Oreo appears all right. Whew -- that was a close one.

      My kitty, Miss Eartha Katt, is under the weather and I don't know why ..... stopped eating and only drinks water from my finger. Tomorrow (this morning - just looked at the time) we are headed for the vet. This just isn't like her.

      Good luck with your kitty and I hope she recovers quickly.


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        I'm so sorry this happened to you. That's one of my worst fears! I just know that if one of my kitties or my pups saw a snake, they would think it was a plaything! Hows your little one doing today? Did you take her to the vet yet, or do you think she'll be ok without going?


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          Aww, poor Oreo! We have our dogs in a fenced yard, and for the last 2 years, we've had a water moccasin inside the fence. Both times we were alerted by the barking, and were able to kill them. Both were 3-4 feet long and fat.....{{{{shivers}}}}

          Hope Oreo will be o.k.


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            She's doing great this morning. The wound is still oozing and the swelling has gone down a little bit. I won't take her to the vet. Our vet once told us that cats can handle rattlesnake bits pretty well. I just didn't like that it was so close to her brain.


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              That is scary! Glad she's doing ok today.
              Eartha, I hope your kitty will be alright too. We sure do get attached to these fur babies.


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                OMG how frightening. I hate snakes good thing you have a smart dog. Sounds like he deserves a nice treat.

                God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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                  Glad she is O.K. That is quite a scare!


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                    (((OREO))).. glad she's on the mend.. and your dog.. what a hero!!!!


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                      Beloved Pets

                      I am so glad to hear Oreo appears to be recovering well!

                      My beloved Miss Eartha Katt is not faring so well at this point in time. We spent 3 hours at the Vet's office. After xrays, blood tests and other exams, the Vet showed me the xray ...... and her lungs were surrounded by fluid. Her r. lung completely, the l. had only 1/4 breathing capacity left. She was literally suffocating.

                      This came on so suddenly. Off her feed on Thur, hot here, so was I wasn't eating either.
                      Then on Sunday I knew something was very wrong. I left for Church at 9 a., came home at 12:30 p and she had NOT Moved.

                      So, after $745 of xrays, blood tests, drawing fluid and other tests, still don't have a diagnosis. Fluid is being analyzed, won't know results till tomorrow pm.

                      So sorry for the long post. I am so sad. Miss Eartha was an abandoned and then rescued kitty and the vet guessed at her age so now she is about 12. I want to make these last years her happiest if I can .. she doesn't move much this afternoon, just sits under the table where I type this. I can ill aford the cost but then I cannot let her suffer, she has given me so much happiness in the past five years.

                      I didn't mean to highjack your post, Allie...I'm crying as I write this. I want the best for you beloved kitty, too.
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                        I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Hijack all you want. You need to get it out. I'm saying a little prayer for Miss Eartha Katt.

                        We found Orea at O'Reily's auto parts when she was about 3 weeks old. When dh and I went into the store, I noticed a little black and white ball of fur behind the trash can. she was so scared...and so alone. I fell in love with her the instant I saw her and I was scared that she would get under one of the parked cars there. Or course, we brought her home to meet our 20 other cats.


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                          Just wanted to say that Eartha, I am so sorry about your kitty. I know how it hurts our hearts when one of our fur-babies are sick. Please keep us posted on how she's doing.


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                            Allie, I'm glad your kitty, Oreo is doing well. What a scary thing to happen. Eartha, I'm sorry to hear your kitty is so ill. I will keep her in my prayers.
                            Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


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                              Allie, I am so glad that Oreo is doing okay.

                              Eartha, I am so sorry that Miss Eartha is not doing so well.

                              I am keeping them both in my prayers.
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