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Good Lord, get a life

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  • Good Lord, get a life

    They print "Scanner Traffic" (police calls) in the local paper, here's one of the calls:

    11:39 a.m. Motorist reports that another driver still is driving with studded snow tires.

    Would you call 911 over something like that?

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    I certainly would not. I wouldn't call at all, anybody. LOL Who cares????


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      This may sound very dumb ....... .... but, having lived in Florida since I was eleven, could (would) these tires hurt the pavement in spring weather conditions?


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        I live in Phoenix, AZ so I cannot answer that question 100% accurately. But, I think that snow tires can damage the asphalt because they are designed to dig into the ice which means in dry weather they are digging into the asphalt.
        I know I wouldn't call 911 over that because I've seen people do that before. At most I'd call the NON EMERGENCY police line.
        I don't like making plans for the day, because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.


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          That person needs a life... Or rather a lesson from the 911 supervisor as to what is an emergency and what is not...


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            Just ironic to me that the guy driving down the road talking on his cell phone is more of a menace than the guy driving with snow tires on. Some people that live out of town in the higher elevations still have snow on the ground.


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              Yes, those tires do hurt the pavement....costing taxpayers lots of money. My dd lived in Alaska last year and they had to remove the studded tires when the weather warmed up.