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  • McDonalds

    I found this address on the web..if you have a complaint you can email them or call them..I think most fast food restaurants will give you coupons or freebies if you have a complaint...check it out if you want.

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    Years ago I called, spoke with someone and she told me she was sending me out a whole bunch of stuff.
    Never got it. I even called back. She never returned my calls.


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      Call the fast food restaurant place that you have a complaint about..DON'T GIVE UP. Ask for the manager and if the manager isn't there..ask for the assistant manager or supervisor. Tell them your complaint. If they won't do anything about it...ask for the area supervisors phone number or if you really want to get their attention..ask for the inspector's phone number..THAT WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION BIG TIME! And if it doesn't by some SLIM a different McDonld's for example in your area..tell your story to a manager or someone in authority there...and someone will give you a phone number!!


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        Ok, Let's see what happens or if anything will happen... I emailed the place above to complain about what happened to Gayle, about getting a Big Mac with no meat in it.
        I bet they never respond back to me.. If they do, and gives me a coupon, I'll mail it to Gayle..


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          I would call a McDonalds and do like I said to get faster action...I wouldn't call over the rush hour though-call when it isn't as busy. Hope you get an email.


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            I got one all right... From "Unknown Sender" from McD's, sent to my spam file.. Like I'll hear back from them...

            Thank you for your feedback regarding your restaurant experience at McDonald's. We value your comments and will be responding to you soon. Thanks again for contacting us.


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              I actualy over a year ago put in a complaint not sure what website I used. But I heard back and got a call from the store manager and 2 coupons for free meals there. Not bad.

              God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.