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  • Luvs2bake

    Did you get that icecream maker to make ice cream?
    The new Taste of Home mag, June & July 2008, has several ice cream recipes in it!!!
    and some toppings also!

    Strawberry Cheesecake icecream
    Nectarine icecream
    Cookie Dough ice cream
    Lemon Gelato

    Banana Caramel Topping
    Rasberry Sauce
    Butter Pecan Sauce!!!

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    Bumping For Luv2bake


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      Hey, thanks Nu, I missed this. I just got my Taste of Home this week, haven't had time to check it out....but I will now!

      Remember the peanut butter cup recipe? How runny it was? It was either the recipe, or I'm wondering if my freezer bucket wasn't as frozen as it should have been. I left it in there for days, and made the strawberry recipe from the booklet, and it turned out perfect!

      Oh, also, after you told me about Sam's having them, and I called, they said they didn't. I went to BB&B and got it for 79.00. That was Thursday, on Saturday I was in Sam's and you guessed it!! There it was on the shelf for 49.00! I had already used it, or I would have taken it back for 30.00!!


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        I think I'd be tempted to clean it up and say it didn't freeze or something! lol