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  • Martha's Vineyard..

    Has anyone been there? If so, how did you like it? A friend and I are wanting to go there.

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    Jana......I have never been there myself. However, I used to work with a guy who went there religiously every single summer for years with his wife (until kids came along) and then another woman we worked with used went too at his urging. Then she started going for years and years. They all just LOVED it and said it's beautiful there.

    This is also where the Kennedy family has had their "compound" for ages I believe. So there must be something wonderful about the place for people to keep wanting to visit it over and over again.

    If you decide to go, you will have to report back to us!!!
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      We sayed in CapeCod and would take the Ferry to Martha's vineyeard for day trips. It's very nice absolutely beautiful. You can rent bikes and ride all over. I recommend it.


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        Hope this helps!

        Last time I was there was quite a while ago.. but stayed for a week. Rented a house and it was fastastic (Edgartown area). Very peaceful and quiet.. You won't find the typical tourist attractions (Ripleys/6 flags. etc..) The most excitement is when you get off the ferry in Vineyard Haven.. We took the ferry over (with our car and bikes) from Woods Hole Since we had our children we stayed at home for most meals. But if you google The Black Dog .. a resturant that must be excellent as I still see people sporting their T-shirts. Out by the airport (ok.. an air strip) was a great bar (left the kids at home one night!) that Carley Simons used to visit (think she might own it?). Oak Bluffs is just gorgeous.. brightly painted homes. and hopefully they still have the carousel!
        The island was beautiful and unspoiled..and I would bet it hasn't changed ~
        Definitely a laid back place.. sun.. sea.. and quiet~


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          I would give my second born to go!!! (JK) I have heard that you can't even buy homes there anymore, - that the homes are usually kept in families, and the rare home that you do find is INCREDIBLY expensive!! Wonder if that's true... Or was it Nantucket?? Either way, if you DO go, you have got to take lots of pics and SHARE THEM!!!
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            We were there about three years ago. We went for the day, rode the ferry from Woods Hole. When you get off the ferry there are some very small houses where the locals live called Gingerbread houses. Make sure you go see them. Very neat and the people are so friendly there. Take the tour bus and go to all the little towns. It is so pretty. Wonderful place and I want to go back.