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Befor And After Marriage

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  • Befor And After Marriage

    Before Marriage

    John - Ah... At Last, I Can Hardly Wait!
    Jane - Do You Sant Me To Leav?
    John - No! Don't Even Think About It
    Jane - Do You Love Me?
    John - Of Course! Always Have And Always Will!
    Jane - Have You Ever Cheated On Me?
    John - No! Why Are You Asking?
    Jane - Will You Kiss Me?
    John - Every Chance I Get!
    Jane - Will You Hit Me?
    John - Hell No! Are You Crazy?!
    Jane - Can I Trust You?
    John - Yes
    Jane - Darling!

    After Marriage

    Read From Bottom Back To Top!

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    good one! making a copy.
    I organize chores into catagories.
    Things I won't do now; things I won't do later; things I'll never do.


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      Is it just me, or does it make more sense when you read it from bottom to top?

      Who Me? Cynical? Never..........
      Lauren ~The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. ~
      Martin Luther King, Jr.


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        That is cute!!!! LOL!!!!