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  • Oreo The Cat

    My hon decided we couldn't keep him and he let him out the garage door...he said we have enough cats and he thinks that cat belongs to somebody-he had no tags on him..having a sad.

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    Oh, I'm sorry.......But, you know what they say.. If you love something, set it free.. If it comes back, it is meant to be....

    PSSSST ---- (Now, go and put some food and water outside the garage door!)

    Oreo WILL come back!
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      That makes no sense, earlier you posted he told you that you could keep the cat, you even named it oreo. What gives here?


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        I told him that I wish he wouldn't of told me that I could keep him after I petted him all afternoon and I got attached big time....and that I would remember this if he ever got attached to a cat....edited to say...I know I was being snobby..shouldn't of said that to him.. I started crying and he found him and now he is back on our bed whohoo
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          I think you have a cat. Somehow I think Oreo will be with you for a long time. Or maybe he can have 2 houses, maybe someone does own him so you can share, seems Oreo prefers your house. I think he is your cat now.


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            Just to set your mind to rest and pacify your DH, why don't you put an ad in the Lost and Found section of your paper, and check the bulletin boards at your local stores.
            Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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              Oreo the cat

              Yes you better put up a few signs or an ad, could be the cat belongs to a child--but maybe Oreo gets tired of the child bugging him and he could come hang out at your house, so make sure you get some real good smelly cat food and place it around your house, and when he comes over, make sure you pet him alot and talk to him.


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                you should put an add in the local paper and a few sign's up around your local store's before you decide to keep the cat in the house for ever.
                we have our neighbor's cat's in our house right now & they know about it we let them in all the time & then let them out. we even took one to the vet that has been in side for over two week's he just didn't seem like he was felling well & the vet said they can roam up to 2 mile's from where they live. he had been in a fight & has a long deep puncture in one of his leg's & had a B B in his back side. he taking med's now.
                were still looking for one that went missing & the neighbor & we thing someone took him we even put add's in the paper with a reward & had no answer's.