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  • Shoulda known better...LOL

    I dont drink. If I have just one alcoholic beverage of any kind, I get soooo tipsy! I have a patient who always gets a glass of wine with her dinner and it smelled so good that I went out and bought a bottle of it. And since I had a HORRIBLE night at work, I came home and poured about a 4 oz glass and drank it. Its about 1/2 hour later now, and I am so messed up that I have to keep backspacing and re-typing this post! The good thing is, I keep thinking "WHAT bad night at work? Was it really that bad? I dont remember. " LOL... All I know is that the wine was delicious!

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    Cottun, you are so cute, well, if you take one glass everyday then you will work up a tollerance for it. They say a glass a day is good. DH has gotten his clorestral down & everyday he takes a glass of red wine. He is stressed out too with his job, he looks forward to it. You only live once and a little wine may be a little pleasure for you. You work around your house & the pond maybe the end of the day a glass of wine will be relaxing. You have to de-stress from all the crap in life at times.


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      I'm the same way. I use to be able to hold my own with anyone when it came to drinking, But I'm a light weight now!! One drink is all I can do, and I usually don't finish that!
      But sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do!! I have some Whalers Vanilla Rum, that will last me forever, at home. occ I will take a swig out of my diet coke and pour a swig in. and that's plenty.

      Hope you don't have a headache this morning!! lol


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        No headache this morning, and I'm looking forward to another glass when I get home tonight after work. I slept like a baby, for a change. This is good stuff...Its called Carlo Rossi Paisano.


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          Have a big glass of water after you finish your wine, that helps.