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How long to upload photo?

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  • How long to upload photo?

    I am getting conflicting information. A web wizard(at least that is what he calls himself )says it will take 10 minutes to upload a photo. Does it really take that long? Never done it before.
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    No shouldnt take 10 mins well unless maybe you have dial up!

    Where are you uploading from?


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      It depends on the 'saturation' of the photo--how big the file is. I have a feature on my computer, that allows me to change the size of the file. It makes no difference to the quality of the photo when you see it on the computer screen, but makes sending the photo as an attachment to an email, much easier and faster.

      Edited to add: DH has a fancy shmancy digital camera and his photo files are so big that I cannot send ONE by email, that's why I have to resize.
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        I am on highspeed dialup I am trying to design a webpage. Professional website designers are very pricey, so hubby purchased web editor software for me. I have never been so lost in my life. It's like trying to read hieroglyphics. I don't read or speak html. lol Well, back to work. Thanks for the info.
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          Most everyone resizes before sending if need be but I know what Ginger is saying because my camera has size settings and that was a prob when I first got it, can you find out the size? that would matter ...even photobucket can resize and there is a site called pic resize or something similar that will make them smaller (I found in google before)good luck, it shouldnt take long at all!!!!