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anyone have TVGN on fios?

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  • anyone have TVGN on fios?

    TV guide network channel 48 has been running this American Idol Catch up series all season long...last night they had a special 2hr live red carpet pre-show with Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell. I saw 2 things that were cool/funny. One of which is posted in the spoiler...but I tivo'd this and cant seem too... well

    He walked the red carpert with the other "MALE" contestants ALL IN WHITE...only in one shot it looks as thou his fly is open...and he is NOT wearing underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I saw it, DH thought I was NUTS! I rewound it and sure enough...theres an area on his (ahem), below his belt that is (ahem) getting aired out...

    I have been searching the internet for a pic but cant seem to find one...