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Yahoo... BethQ...

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  • Yahoo... BethQ...

    Got my package today!!!

    What a lovely card you included. ***MUAH***

    As Randy from American Idol would say... Yo Dawg, that was awesome!!

    I got the BEST flip flops ever... I LOVE THEM!!!! RocketDog.. seen them and thought someday.. YOU ROCK!!! You really shouldn't have.. but I'm so GLAD you did!!

    Besides my awesome flip flops (which are safely put in the motor home for this weekend!!)

    I got a candle.. smells lovely.. and again.. I'm using it this weekend.

    A pkg. of Aunt Nee's salsa mix...DH was loving this.. and NO he can't have it tonight!

    A Cell Citation pad.. Nifty notes.. really fun looking.. I can give them to people that are inconsiderate in the cell-phone usuage. Definitely gonna use these.. might make some new friends?

    And a Missing Marble game.. A block of wood that I need to get the marble out.. and guess what.. there's NO way I'm going to accomplish this and the block is SOLID wood with a small hole at the top.. (thankfully the solution is included... but I'm not going to look at it.. ANOTHER great gift for our trip!)

    Beth.. you are the best!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Your pkg. was mailed today.. and hopefully you will receive tomorrow.. UPS.. think you are one day service from my area?

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    Very cool package!!!!!


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      Nice swap !


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        AWESOME!! BETH!! I want some of that cool stuff!!! Cell Citation Pad?? Oh, yeah.. gotta find that!! And, Rocket Dog??? I have only heard about those!! Tessa, you lucky, lucky girl!!!
        Lauren ~The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. ~
        Martin Luther King, Jr.


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          I am so very glad you liked it, Tessa! FYI, the Aunt Nee's salsa is a family thing - it's made by my cousin Lydia - an authentic Mexican! It is very yummy and fresh tasting - we love it around here!

          It was so much fun putting together your package. Enjoy!!


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            Hey Beth... we waved and beeped at you tonight!!! Did ya hear us?


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              I -knew- it was you! HI TESSA!