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Cindy how did you do with your teeth??

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  • Cindy how did you do with your teeth??

    I called today to make an appt but they were closed so I will make the appt this Tues. How did you do??? I want to know how much?? We got dental ins. (thank God) and hope it won't cost too much, I think 80% is covered. I am so scared going to the Periodonist, it even scares me more than the dentist. Glad I only have one tooth.

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    One tooth? You mean, just one tooth that needs to be treated right? I mean, you don't just have ONE TOOTH, right??
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    Martin Luther King, Jr.


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      Ok Lauren B we got the same Dan now you are having fun with my one tooth. Oh I got more but one tooth is the problem. LOL I'm about ready to say rip it out. I'm hanging on to all of them. the teeth & Dan too.