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  • beep...beep...beep

    says my oldest son's alarm clock on a Saturday morning, on a holiday weekend, at 5am. He's on a fishing trip for the weekend, so it was just I that got to enjoy being woke up! LOL I probably would have woken up in a few minutes on my own, I'm an early bird, but I just hate *being* woken up by somebody else's beep! LOL

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    I feel your pain, Crissy! They have never made an alarm clock that was loud enough to wake up my DS. When he lived here, he could sleep right thru any alarm, so even tho he was all the way at the other end of the house, I couldnt sleep thru HIS alarm, so I would have to wake up and go wake HIM up!


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      We spent a long weekend with some friends once (out of state). We slept in their bed, his alarm went off at 4am, finally got it off, and then her alarm went off at 6am! I gave them a hard time waking their "guests" so early!!! lol