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  • New Polish Sausage

    New to me anyway, The other day at work a drug rep brought lunch catered by United Marketstreet's deli. They brought BBQ. The sausage was better than most any I can find. I went to United on the way home yesterday and asked them what brand it was. They said it was "our" Smokehouse Ranch Sausage. I bought a couple rounds of polish sausage and a couple packages of Jalapeno sausage links. EXCELLENT!!!!!! Not too salty, not too fatty/greasy, and reasonably priced.

    So long story short if your looking for a good sausage for the grill/oven or whatever, thy Uniteds Smokehouse Ranch Sausage. It was by the lunchmeats, breakfast meats and other sausages, not in the deli.

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    I bought a good one too the other day at Costco. Pineapple sausage.. TDF..


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      I have never heard of that brand, I bet my store doesn't carry it.


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        I hadn't heard of it either. Do you have a United, or would that be an United, that sounds weird.... oh well, if you do, look there next time.


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          No , we don't, remember this is SA, HEB rules here!