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    Allie,i in no way meant to imply your DS was covering up, please dont think a little bit of a pc geek too,i can take one apart and put it back together,self taught.but if you delete cookies,you have to constantly sign in to sites,so i dont delete the ones i go to regularly, there is software that will let you delete only what you want.


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      RxRogue, I wasn't talking to you. Ds does a lot of things with credit cards online and he doesn't want that stuff sitting on the computer for too long. You never know what is in cookies and his motto is "better safe than sorry". I agree with him. I find myself deleting cookies a little more too when I go to sites that I usually don't go to, or I do anything online that can compromise my credit in any way.
      LOL I've seen my ds sign off. He has a ritual that he does all the time and he does it so fast, that I doubt he even has to think about it anymore. *click, click, click, click...* and it's done.


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        Originally posted by southernjewishprincess View Post

        The only people who would need to delete dookies 3 times a day are people who look at porn and have to hide it from their kids and wife. You might want to check up on hubby.

        That is a foolish statement and is not be correct.
        Many people delete cookies and keep the computer clean but we don't all look at porn or even think about it. Funny You should mention that.


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          Isn't it odd that "some" people think they know everything? "Everyone" is different and does things for different reasons. It's a very small world that some people live in if they think that everyone should be as smart as they are and do as they do. *rolleyes*


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            Awesome. I am going to close this thread as well.