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What are your plans for today, Sunday?

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  • What are your plans for today, Sunday?

    We are working around the yard all day. I still have not planted my flowers. The weather has just not been that good yet. So hoping to get that done, some weeding, planting some zinnia seeds and thinning some perrenials that have outgrown their space.

    Love this three day weekend. Got my house all cleaned yesterday, yardwork today, so now tomorrow we actually have a day to relax and enjoy!

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    I feel like being a vegetable today!!! I'm going to be a couch potato!!! I do need to give the dog a bath, but I'm trying to put it off!!. My mom is having a family dinner at her house at 5 this evening, hamburgers and such, 30 mile drive! Oh boy! lol


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      I am working on some projects and homework this weekend. I have two assignments due in my Art History class and my midterm is due by this Saturday so that will be a tad time consuming. I'm going to be researching some Universities to go to in January after I get my 2 year degree. Weighing the pros and cons of everything. While on that topic, does anyone know about the University of North Texas? Is it a good school? I will also be working on getting my personal website up and running.

      And most of all, I will be sitting at home for the next two days (with the exception of going to the grocery store for food...we're going to starve if I don't go).
      I don't like making plans for the day, because then the word "premeditated" gets thrown around in the courtroom.


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        I finished planting my garden this morning. I am so glad that I did the potatoes yesterday. The black flies and mosquitos were murderous today. 2 hours was more than enough time to be thoroughly chewed up.

        DD and SIL came over with their puppy, took us out to lunch and then SIL helped DH with a repair job and DD and I organized a couple of sewing projects. Puppy and our Molly played and played. DH wanted to go out and see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight but I'm just not in the mood to sit in a theatre. Maybe tomorrow night.
        Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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          You got new sewing / quilting projects coming up Ginger ? I am working on an advent calendar for grandson right now. Top is almost done, now I have to find the right kind of backing fabric. I don't see many christmas fabrics in the stores yet.


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            Went to home depot this morning and got all the materials to build a mini deck kinda front porch it is 7pm finished and it looks great!

            Splurged and had my newest fav ice cream black cherry and will call it a day early, planning on a bbq here tomorrow and a memorial where my dad is buried but supposed to be severe thunderstorms so the memorial is iffy now the bbq is on even if it means grilling in garage lol


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              Our garden has not been tended since the Nixon administration - we bought this house last year. So, hubby and I headed out today trying to put a dent in it. The soil is riddled with snails and slugs - some of the overgrowth is dead and needs to be just cut out. I give. Garden: 9, Beth and Tony: 1. Ugh.