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Even the dog is sick! Great weekend.

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  • Even the dog is sick! Great weekend.

    I know sometimes it just hits the fan but Friday my husband came home ill with a cold. I had just came back from the vets with one of our dogs. She cost 93.45 for the exam, antibiotics and cough pill. She has brochitis and believe me our dogs are well taken care of.

    For whatever reason I thought my husband could help me with several things I cannot do. Now really what world do I live in? He will go back to work Tuesday (crossing my fingers) and I just hope I haven't caught the junk he has. I have several things ahead of me that are going to get done. Hope everyone has a better holiday.

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    Connie, it's a 3 day weekend so maybe things got a little better at your house. I hope you don't get any of that crud.