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Memorial weekend/relaxing or home projects

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  • Memorial weekend/relaxing or home projects

    We kind of did a little of both, stayed at home, DH put kitchen knobs on my cabinet doors, never had them when I moved here. I always had knobs on the cabinets in every house I moved into. Well, it's done. Trying to get in some yardwork & hope that I can steam clean the bedroom carpets. Plus we got to go to Home Depot tomorrow to get more stones for the front lawn. We were in Home Depot today for over an hr. I heard Home Depot are closing some of their stores (not all) because of the economy, we spend so much in that place. Know our store will not close. It was a productive weekend.

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    Hubby has several projects started and will last probably thru 4th of July! He has decided to change every door in our house (not my idea) and pull up the carpet to put down wood floors. Not my idea either but I do like that one!
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      I'm working the whole Memorial Day weekend, but before and after work, I have several projects going on...I finally have a handyman coming tomorrow to give me estimates on a ton of small home repairs. And I have a problem with my pond pump thats taking me days to resolve, so I've been out there working on it every morning and its still not right. Going to wash my car this afternoon - I've been putting that off for about 6 months or so.


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        Doing lots of home improvement things, yard work, housecleaning, steam cleaning carpets, shopping for a newer vehicle, going to a picnic this evening, greeting one of my son's back home from his 2 week trip backpacking through Europe, seeing my daughter intermittently who drove home from Pittsburgh, PA and most of all enjoying the our newly fenced in yard along with my Golden Retriever, Murphy!!!! He is in his glory having such freedom and I like the freedom too!!! However, I have this "thing" about letting him out in the yard me strange, but I'm always afraid of someone possibly "dognapping" him!!!!

        Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day folks and say a prayer for those who have served and still are serving our country. They all have enabled us to enjoy such freedoms and luxuries!!!!
        The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

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          Originally posted by krubinic View Post
          Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day folks and say a prayer for those who have served and still are serving our country. They all have enabled us to enjoy such freedoms and luxuries!!!!

          Amen to that!

          I've got lots of projects going. I tiled my back entry and have slowly but surely been finishing up the grouting. It's tricky because we need to use this entry a lot so I have to strategically do small sections at a time. I'm also trying to get the garage cleaned up and the basement cleared out. When we moved here (8 yrs ago), previous owner left some dressers and junk in basement. We are having a bulky waste pick up on June 9th so I need to be ready to drag all of the crap out to the curb. I'm so happy to have one of these. There's lots I want to get rid of!!! Dh planted the garden yesterday while I cleaned. He goes back to work today, I'll try to finish up some more projects. Kids are just hanging out, being kids!


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            Roset....our home depot is closing. i think it's only been open for maybe 4-5 years. Right now everything is 40% off. I bought a bathroom vanity/sink/mirror combo and also a light for the pole in front of my house. The store is packed now, but before the sale there were never any shoppers there (maybe 15 cars in the parking lot, and that would be max!). We have Menard's here (I think it is a local/midwest chain). Much better prices than hd.


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              We love Home Depot.......and Lowes.......actually I like Lowes better. They deliver.......not sure about Home Depot....they may also.

              DH is working in the yard spreading mulch and weeding as he goes. Not too bad, but just the usual weeding that needs done. I want to get 4 Stella Doro daylilies for in my pots on my deck. Sick of planting annuals. We have 4 big terracotta pots by our pool entrances.........2 @ each..........and I put ornamental grasses in them and they look gorgeous, tropical, and come up every year......sometimes I plant a few annuals around them....not this year. The SD daylilies look ornamental, also, but bloom yellow lilies and they also come up every year. Trying to simplify things here. Sick of wasting $$$ on annuals and planting and tearing out.


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                Doreen, I bought a bunch of SD daylilies online last year from Exciting Gardens. Also bought all my other perrenials and bushes from them. Everything is so gorgeous and flourishing this year! I think I paid only about a buck each for the SD's there! I also bought a couple of their "preplanned garden" mixes with Stella Doros in them. What bargains!