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  • saving money on food

    Has anyone tried the site the grocery game? They say you could save alot on groceries? Do you know how it works and if it is worth it. There is just the two of us and I check the ads and shop once every two weeks for a big shopping. I am not real good about using or having coupons to use..we do not get a newspaper. I think they charge $10.00 but not sure how often. Please let me know any feedback if you know anything about this. Thanks so much..Love All Recipes

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    I for one, shop and buy what is on sale and stock up on it when it is. When what I need isn't on sale, I usually just buy the store brand, and don't buy any additional at the full price.
    I'm fortunate to have a good sized pantry and a big freezer.

    Sometimes a store brand on sale is cheaper than a name brand with a coupon. I check out the supermarket flyer's in my newspaper. I clip coupons but always compair prices of all brands to see which would really save me money.
    I have also found that I save by not paying someone to just tell me what's on sale.

    If you're a first time member, you can try out TERI'S LIST for 4 weeks for only $1! After that, TERI'S LIST is $10 every 8 weeks for one store. Some areas offer only one store LIST. But if you happen to be in an area where more than one LIST is available, for each additional store list you choose, you'll be billed an additional $5 every 8 weeks. For example, if you subscribe to TERI'S LIST for only one store, you're billed $10 every 8 weeks. If you subscribe to two store lists, you're billed $15 every 8 weeks. Three stores, $20 every 8 weeks, and so on.
    A drawback is the list comes out on Sunday and you only have until Tuesday to do your shopping because most stores ads expire on Tues and a new one comes out on Wed. is another site, it has a lot of stores. It will make a shopping list for you like the store sites, but it will also match coupons and has Printable Coupons. The best part is, It's free.

    I'm not saying Grocery game won't save you money but I find I can save just as much without paying someone.
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      Save your $10 a month go to she is good & it's free also she tells you what the drugs stores have on sale that week too. Try it and see if you like it. I hate spending $10 a month for something I can get free.


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        Re: saving money on food

        i have been a member of the grocery game for over a year and i love it. for $5 a month(for store one) (they bill every 8 weeks) i have saved tons of money, without all the work involved of checking the sales and comparing prices. yes the coupon mom is free, and that is a good thing. but the coupon mom list ALL the sales..with or without coupons. the big difference between the grocery game and coupon mom is that at TGG......they track sales in the data base, so when an item is is at its rock bottom price. remember......just because an item is in the "sale" ad......doesnt mean it is really a good deal. ex: last week my store had chicken(any of it.legs, wings, breasts etc) one get one free. sounds good right? but the week before whole chickens were $.57 a pound, and this week chicken breasts were $.88 a pound. much better then the buy ones. the list from TGG would have that color coded. the TGG list is color coded:

        black-not a great price, but the coupon is expiring. buy if u REALLY need it.
        blue-rock bottom price........good time to stock

        i have used coupons for and my sis.......and we would watch sale ads.......wait to see if it would come up better the next week...etc. and now i am a cashier for frys/kroger. the TGG list saves me not only money.........but soooooooo much time! and time is what i seem to lack the most of.........and no one can ever get that back.

        as for coupons.......most of them come in the sunday paper, but there are other places to get them also. friends, family, the recycling bin etc. i have one paper delivered and then if there are really good coupons that week, i buy a couple of extra. i also will order from clipping sites. u dont pay for the coupons, but for their time cutting them and mailing them out. i will buy from them when there is coupons i want a lot of. have u read the message boards over there? they are pretty helpful and full of info.

        and u can get the trial for only $1 for 4 weeks. this includes ALL the lists in your area. then u can drop whatever lists u dont want after that. u can go to the home page and put in your zip and it will tell u what stores are in your area that have a list.

        as for days of shopping........the walgreens list comes out sat u have a whole week.
        cvs comes out monday in the afternoon and u have til that saturday.
        grocery stores are all different, it depends on when your particular store ad come outs on. my ad comes out wed........and my list comes out on suday-tues. this gives the listmaker time to find all the advertised and unadvertised deals plus incorperating the coupons that will come out that sunday into the list. but if your store ad comes out on sunday for example.......your list might not come out til thurs. if u have anymore questions......just give a holler!

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          Re: saving money on food

          I use a lot of coupons and have found a lot of help on A Full Cup. There is a lot of help on how to use CVS to your advantage and lots of other grocery stores. They have a place where people post places to sign up for free samples (which usualy contain coupons). I have just gotten a lot of help there with out sending my hard earned money to someone else.

          That is the website for it. You may have to register to be albe to access all the forums, not sure though. If you have questions about it just PM me.

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