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  • Requests/quesitons about your membership

    I have noticed in a couple of threads this weekend that apparently people are emailing me and I am not getting these emails.

    If you have questions you can always post them to the knowledgeable board. They often know more than I do

    You can send me a PM, I respond to these, you can email me personally, go to my profile, and click on email user, this should do it.

    I find it frustrating when people ask something on the message board, and I answer, and then I get no response. I know it is likely folks out there need changes made to their profile, and may not know how to do it.

    Invis/vis (red dot/green dot) - this is your choice in your profile if you want others to see you online when you are here.

    Delete membership - I typically only delete members that I am 95% are spammers, if you have posted over 10-12 postings I am not likely to delete your membership. You can choose not to come back, that's pretty much where I stand on that. If that isn't ok for you you need to let me know what is. I will most likely change your name to yourname-inactive.

    I want to change my name - you can ask, provided no one else has that name, and you tell me the name you want your name changed to I can make this change.