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Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

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  • Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

    I got my swap package from Suwanee Terry!! Terry, I appreciate all of the thought that you put into the package, each item told a story, that was really neat! I got:

    A Dixie County sweatshirt. Of course my boys wanted to confiscate this! It has a picture of a deer on it. I'm actually wearing it today, so Terry, you're little joke about wearing a sweatshirt in June was right on!!

    A tshirt that says home of the jumping sturgeon. Terry...can you please tell me more about these psycho fish! LOL Why are they jumping, they are supposed to be swimming?!

    A cute little trio of kitchen knick knacks that look like slices of watermelon, two are salt/pepper shakers, and the 3rd holds toothpicks. Adorable!

    And, last but not least, a Seasoned With Love cookbook from Terry's quilting group. I love these types of cookbooks, they always have the best recipes!

    Thanks Terry, for the great gifts!!

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    Re: Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

    Sounds Like A Great Swap Package.


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      Re: Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

      You're very welcome! I had fun putting it together. As I put in your note, I remember freezing that summer we visited at the end of June. We hadn't worn anything but shorts and sleeveless tops since March and were totally unprepared for Wisconsin. How quickly we had forgotten .

      The sturgeon are these very prehistoric looking fish that the scientists say jump "just because they can". In other words, they don't know why they do it. Last summer, we had several people (mostly on jet skis) hurt badly by these fish jumping in front of their water craft. They winter in the gulf, spawn and come up the river for the summer. They're here already; we hear the "whop" frequently as they jump. And, they're big guys, can't remember the weight, but they are big, ugly and long!


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        Re: Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

        Very Nice Swap Package!!!!! Enjoy!!!


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          Re: Got my Package, Thanks Terry!!!

          Nice!! Really cool stuff! I love Cookbooks like that too...
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