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TESSA!! Woo hoo!

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  • TESSA!! Woo hoo!

    I got THE most WONDERFUL swap package from Tessa today! So many cool things! Unfortunately I've just gotten home from a trip up to Canada, so I will list the goodies tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure she got her "PROPS" - it's wonderful! Thank you!

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    Re: TESSA!! Woo hoo!

    Glad you got it!


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      Re: TESSA!! Woo hoo!

      OK it is late and I am doing this from memory so forgive me any omissions...

      REALLY COOL stamped cards that Tessa made HERSELF - they are SO COOL!! They have crabs and seashore motif...

      The same stamping scheme on two bags of candy - one with Swedish Fish and one with Candy Buttons and a Candy Necklace

      A set of three various sized plastic serving dishes for nibbles, etc. with palm trees on them...

      A Sara Moulton Food Network DVD!!

      Hurricane cocktail mix - oh baby that will be gone this weekend

      Bamboo skewers and a recipe for muffalettas on a stick

      Other recipes as well

      Cool yellow flip flops that say "Love" on them in a heart

      A t-shirt with red and blue flip flops on them that is big enough to wear over my bathing suit - SO COOL!

      Everything was beautifully wrapped in different colored tissue paper - it was like Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us)!

      Tessa, thank you thank you for going above and beyond, for organizing the swap, and for my wonderful package. THANK YOU!


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        Re: TESSA!! Woo hoo!

        Glad you enjoyed! I certainly enjoyed putting it together.. and of course making some cards (any excuse!!!)

        Thought the sweedish fish would be appropriate.. and of course what girls doesn't like to get jewlery (candy necklaces!!!)

        Enjoy and it was so fun to put it together ~

        Ya know you can make the hurrican punch without booze.. yeah.. I know.. where's the fun in that?!!

        We did good being partners ~ my rockets are the envy of my co-worker! I took them off and she stole them (but only for 5 mins!!!)


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          Re: TESSA!! Woo hoo!

          Great package!! Um, Beth, gonna need that recipe for the Muffalettas on a stick!! I am SO intrigued by this idea!! I mean, everything tastes better on a stick, don't you think?
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