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Nuisance - got the package

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  • Nuisance - got the package

    And let me tell you, this is an amazing package!!! She not only sent me something, but also for my dog and cats! How wonderful!
    My dog (Lacey) was sniffing the package something fierce! I open it up, and there is an AKC stuffed animal - chipmunk. Well, Lacey went crazy over it. She didn't let it out of her site all night (and then she slept with it - it was too cute!)

    For the cats, there was a toy you put over the doorknob and pull down on it. The mouse then climbs back up. I have to put it on their door tonight when I get home.

    Then there was this cookbook (my DH ripped it out of my hands, so I wasn't able to see what book it was, but will find out later and respond here).

    In addition, there was a dual beer can grill holder - so cool because I have wanted to try beer can chicken for a long time. It is really nice, as you can put veggies/shrimp, etc on the holder as well.

    Some Australian black licorice (SOOOOO YUMMY) that me and my DH will enjoy.

    2 TY beanie penguins and this HUGE penguin, that once Lacey saw it, she wanted it. But it is MINE!!!!!

    Then there was an insulated lunchbox holder with lots of pens, stapler, notepad, keychain lights, etc) in it. I brought all the pens to work! And there is this HUGE Allegra pen - the pen is like a foot long and purple!)

    And a pair of purple flip flops!

    (I am doing this all from memory, so if I have left anything off, I appologize and will post later).

    Thank you so very much! I am really going to enjoy everything!

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    Re: Nuisance - got the package

    I'm Glad You Enjoyed It. I Say That Huge Penguin (on Sale Also!! Lol) And Had To Get It For You. Glad You Dog Is Enjoying The Chipmunk, Mine Is Loving His! Lol


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      Re: Nuisance - got the package

      Wonderful pkg!!!!

      And the purple 8 incher... every woman (and man too! Should have one!

      How thoughtful Nu.. to include her furbabies ~~


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        Re: Nuisance - got the package

        Cool! Awesome stuff!! Nu knows how to do it up right, doesn't she?
        Lauren ~The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. ~
        Martin Luther King, Jr.