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  • Suzie Orman financial expert

    Suzie is a wonderful financial person, we do know some things but she nails it. Please watch her she is down to earth & is very good. She was on the View, even she said with this economy to drive less, spend less & not go out to dinner. She is upset with mortgage companies that will not work with anyone to help them out. Those mortgage co. a few yrs ago said no down payment & that is why some people are in debt. or loosing the houses. I'm from old school, put a big down payment on a house, pay off those charges every month & try to save money. Don't live beyond my means. If everyone would understand this then things would be good. DH is on vacation next week, so we stay at home & fix the things we need to do but we do reward ourselves, going to lunch or dinner next week. Kind of vacation at home. Mid week is fun to go out to eat. No flying out to a wonderful vacation, we have been almost everywhere in US. I really could care less. So getting little things done around the house & out to eat. I like it.

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    Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

    Yes, she is wonderful! A very smart woman. She works with Avon reps at the Avon website helping them to be smart about their money. I've also seen her on pbs several times.
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      Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

      It is so simple,people live within your paycheck &stop spending on things you don't need. Oh people do not understand. They keep buying and don't understand at the end of the month you spent more than you made. It's simple, know how much you make & just spend that much if you have to cut down do it. But no, we needed this &that they make excuses also anything leftover save it because you know something major may happen so you will have the money to fix it. Trying so hard to get my DD to figure it out. Do we really need the Starbucks?? or going out to eat fast food when we got tons of stuff in the fridge, but she doesn't want to make it, OK it cost you money for someone else to do it. Got her down to washing her own car, no more manicures, yep scale down. We are spoiled.


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        Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

        I also like Dave Ramsey. I took his Financial Peace class a couple of years back. They often preach a very similar message. I think Suzie Orman is a little too conservative about investing, whereas Dave Ramsey is a little more liberal. If you are unaware of his philosophy it isn't all original but it is:
        their life!
        $1,000 to start an Emergency Fund
        Pay off all debt using the Debt Snowball
        3 to 6 months of expenses in savings
        Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pre-tax retirement
        College funding for children
        Pay off home early
        Build wealth and give!
        Invest in mutual funds and real estate

        I have read some of Suzie Orman's books and I had purchased a audio set of hers. But the more folks we have telling people to financially responsible the better!


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          Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

          We are spoiled... and we've spoiled our kids even more than we were!

          I remember having a tiny B&W TV that I had to use a pair of pliers to change the channels... no cable in those days. Kids today HAVE to have all the cable bells and whistles... HD this and On Demand that... I don't even know what half the stuff IS!!

          Babe is a homebody and my food issues make eating out difficult sometimes, so we don't go out much. He's also retired military and WELL used to living only w/in his means... he's taught me a lot.

          The ease of declaring bankruptcy is a bad thing too. I know the laws have changed, but I know a couple who declared recently and all their credit card debt just went away... I don't think they're even required to pay it back!! I know another young man who declared and I wondered... did he have to give up the motorcycle and extensive and expensive stereo equipment and gym equipment he bought?? I remember when declaring bankruptcy was a terrible stigma... I think the kids look at is as an easy way out!
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            Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

            I agree.....both Suze and Dave are doing a great service - altho their information is very basic, it's a whole new world of information to a lot of people.....especially young people who cut their teeth on credit cards.

            When our son got married, we bought him the Dave Ramsey video - they have learned from it and used it - worked out better than Mama and Daddy lecturing them! (DS knew a few things about economics, she didn't because of the way she was raised, but now she is more frugal and conservative than any young woman I know).

            It's too bad the schools don't offer personal economics as part of their curriculum - it should be mandatory!!


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              Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

              GREAT info Roset and thanks for starting this thread on it. My parents are retired and always watch Suzie Orman and told me about her a few years back. Have heard of Dave Ramsey but never read or watched/listened to him.

              DH & I aren't living as comfy as we'd like, but we also just got done putting three children through college (grad/doctorate school is on their tab now!!!!). We feel quite proud being able to send the kids to college without ever having really been able to "save" for college years ago. It was just too hard trying to save for college, pay for living expenses, daycare, retirement, etc. The paychecks just didn't extend that far. In the end it was best we didn't have money saved for college because we got better financial aid that way it seemed. DH & I are not college grads and our earning potentials are limited, so it was very important to us that our three children had a better chance than us getting out of the starting gates of life without having to piece their lives together like we did.

              Now retirement for us is under 20 years away and that's going to go quickly. We've sacrificed A LOT for our kids, but don't regret any of it because they have been wonderful kids. However, we are getting to the point where we would like to be able to enjoy the freedoms of completely remodeling our home without taking out tons of loans. We live simply like some of the rest of you mentioned you do too. We never went on big vacations at all like some folks do all the time, we eat out maybe once per week as a treat and our backyard is our oasis. So it would be really helpful to research what Suze or Dave would have to say to people in our stage of life and what we could do to make the "Golden Years" the best!
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                Re: Suzie Orman financial expert

                I thoroughly agree with your advice to watch and read Suzie Orman, a very financially savvy lady in my opinion. And I would also like to recommend Down-to-earth financial advice, as well as up-to-date news about trends in the economy and various "hot scams" making the rounds of which to be aware. A very common sense approach.

                His home base is Atlanta but so much of his intelligent advice is generic and covers all 50 states. I bet many of you know of him.

                Another person I pay attention to is Jonathan Pond, a PBS contributor along with Suzie. Different styles but easy to follow.

                I gratefully accept all the help I can get!