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My Swap just arrived !

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  • My Swap just arrived !

    Oh my goodness SHEL !! What an awesome package ! It's all 4th of July related ! I'm so excited and happy because I AM hosting a 4th party here ! I just bought a new BBQ for the occasion ! HOW DID YOU KNOW?? Ok, here's what I got !!

    Red, White and Blue paper plates and napkins...!!!
    A Red, A White and a Blue star shaped ceramic plates !!
    24 Red, White and Blue star shapped freezer ice cubes !!
    2 metal tin buckets.. One white with red and blue stars, and the other RWB stripes !!
    12 Long Appetizer picks, with RWB frillies on the end..
    6 RWB USA star necklaces..!! Can't wait to have my guests wear these!!
    A set of RWB Stars and Stripes spreaders..!!
    And 2 cool dish clothes.. 1 red with a white star and blue stripes and 1 white with an American Flag star !!

    SHEL !! YOU ROCK !! You definately will make my 4th of July BBQ a hit with ALL these GOODIES !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU !!!
    Now I can't wait til the 4th !!! You'll be here in spirit for sure !! TY TY TY TY !!!

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    Re: My Swap just arrived !

    Wow, Jana, you are SO set to entertain now! Really cool stuff! You will have to take some pics of your Party!
    Lauren ~The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. ~
    Martin Luther King, Jr.


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      Re: My Swap just arrived !

      I will, but better yet, why don't you come and take pics !!


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        Re: My Swap just arrived !

        Nice swap, have fun!


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          Re: My Swap just arrived !

          A patriotic the goods!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!


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            Re: My Swap just arrived !

            Glad You Liked Everything. Hope You Have A Great Party.