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  • Feeding Alot Of People

    Not sure where to post this...

    So I'm hoping to get some help from you all.

    I'm having 30 people over for a party. I'm making spaghetti and also having a Salad and Italian bread.
    Does anyone know how much meat sauce I should make? How much pasta should I make also. How many loafs of bread would you get too.
    I dont mind left overs since I can freeze the sauce if I have to.

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Thanks for you help

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    Re: Feeding Alot Of People

    Just take what you usually fix (how many that feeds) and then multiply. You can also go to some of the sites that have recipes that can be multiplied to get amounts.

    Know your guests. How many are big eaters, how many eat like a bird. It may all average out in the end, but it's something to think about.


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      Re: Feeding Alot Of People

      I found this. It is something you can go by...CUT AMOUNTS IN HALF

      Complete Simple Served/ Plated Spaghetti Dinner for 50-60 people

      Spaghetti with meat sauce
      10 pounds spaghetti
      10-12 quarts spaghetti sauce
      8-10 pounds hamburger or meatballs (or 8 chickens cut up -64 pieces- browned and braised)
      3 pounds shredded or grated Parmesan or domestic Asiago cheese for topping

      7 1-pound loaves French bread
      1/2-1 pound soft butter, mashed with
      seasoning- few tablespoons crushed garlic, paprika or Italian herb, or mixture
      Split bread longwise, butter, wrap in foil and heat in oven

      Salad: Tossed salad with choice of dressing
      6-7 pounds salad mix
      24 ounces Ranch salad dressing
      24 ounces French salad dressing
      24 ounces Italian salad dressing


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        Re: Feeding Alot Of People

        I just finished buying meat etc. to feed twenty, and since I have some teen boys in this crowd, i will make a little extra.
        I know to allow 1/4 lb of ground beef per person, and 1lb of spaghetti feeds four.

        here's a link for three different recipes to feed fifty. You could cut it down, or make it all and freeze part of it.
        I organize chores into catagories.
        Things I won't do now; things I won't do later; things I'll never do.


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          Re: Feeding Alot Of People

          Funny you should mention this, because years back I volunteered to make the spaghetti meals for the school cross country team and parents. It was a weekly "team spirit" sort of thing and to ensure the runners were getting plenty of carbs the night before a meet. And just yesterday when cleaning out my filing cabinet, I actually found my notes on what was needed to pull this off. The only thing not on my notes is how many this served, but I'm guessing 50 and I usually had leftovers.

          5 - 3 lbs jars Prego Traditional sauce
          3 lbs Italian sausage
          6 lbs dry weight spaghetti noodles

          I browned the meat, then ground it up in the blender before adding to the sauce so everyone got some protein and it flavored the sauce. I'm sure you will be making meatballs or using sausage links, therefore you will need to triple the amount of meat.

          The boys ate their way through 8 loaves of Ciabatta bread and 5 gallons of juice or other drink wasn't enough.

          Hope this helps.