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Hawaiian pork recipe

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  • Hawaiian pork recipe

    My mom used to put boneless pork into a slow cooker and she called it Hawaiian pork. I googled recipes and the one that finally sounded right (bbq sauce or maybe vinegar and ketchup, pineapple, etc.) but the recipe tasted waaaay too much like sweet and sour sauce once I was done. Hers tasted more bbq than pineapple. It was sorta gooey/sticky too. Not really a true sauce. Any ideas? I guess I could just try bbq sauce and mix it with some pimeapple and just keep tasting it until the ratios were right....

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    Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

    Boy, I sure wish I could help you! Sounds really good!!! If you find the recipe, let me know!!
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      Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

      I think what you are looking for is some thing called Kalua Pork.

      Try to google and see what you like. Here is one.


      1 tbsp. rock salt
      3/4 tsp. minced garlic
      3-4 lb. pork roast, slashed
      3 tbsp. low salt soy sauce
      1 tbsp. grated fresh ginger

      Combine all ingredients and rub over the pork roast. Place in roasting pan. Cover. Roast for 4 hours at 325 degrees. To serve, use 2 forks or fingers to shred pork. Serve hot. Frozen pork tends to break up, whereas fresh pork will shred in long strips.


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        Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

        KAHLUA PIG

        4 lbs. pork roast
        1 bottle liquid smoke
        Enough rock salt to cover the palm of your hand (about 1 1/2 tsp.)

        Put all ingredients in a crock pot. Cook on low for about 18 hours. Cool, debone, and clean off fat. Great on a bed of rice or in a sandwich.
        My Hawaiian mother-in-law gave me this recipe. We enjoy this easy meal.


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          Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

          Is there a substitute for rock salt? Would seasalt work? I don't want to buy that big box for just a tablespoon or less..


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            Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

            I don't know if these are it. She used pork that was for stir fry or she bought boneless spareribs and cubed it. All that I know is in the end it was almost a carmelized coating. And it was sorta sweet and bbq. It wasn't a chinese dish. It didn't require rock salt. Thanks! I didn't find any luck using Google, either. Dang. I can't even think of a dish to compare it to. I'd just ask my mom, but she's not around. Don't ever delay asking you mama what was in this and that b4 it's too late. You'll kick yourself.


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              Re: Hawaiian pork recipe

              Oh and it wasn't a pulled pork kind of thing. We sometimes ate it over ricce, but usually all by itself with some vegetables on the side. This was def not a sandwhich.