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  • African Violets

    Mine have not bloomed in forever and I have done everything!!!!

    Anyone else have this prob?

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    Star, if I remember correctly they need extra fertilizer, have you tried plant food spacifically for african violets? O, and maybe your pots are too big...
    Those that do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir~


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      I should get more african violet food!


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        I have to tell you, horticulture class was 25 years ago and I haven't grown violets in atleast 20 years but those are the 2 things I seem to remember. I am certain about the fertilizer, and just kinda thinking i'm right about them needing somewhat crowded roots to bloom, so if anyone corrects me my feelings won't be hurt...
        Those that do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir~


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          I have had them for years and so this is a total different enviornment they are in, they were used to mega sun and so I tried to supplement with 2 grow lights ..but no results. there are toooooo many gray days here! LOL

          Any help, tips advice...I appreciate it all ...heck I miss my violets blooms big time!


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            African violets have very specific light needs. About 1000 foot-candles of light for 8 to 12 hours per day for best flowering. Direct sun light will scorch the plant so an east facing window is best. If all else fails, grow lights!

            Also make sure you house is not too hot. African violets prefer cooler homes. Mine did great and I rarely had the temperture above 70 degrees... usually lower.

            Just in case... a foot -candle is the standard measurement of light. The amount of light given by a candle one foot away (in this case from the plant). It's used to measure light from light bulbs to sunlight.

            You can try putting you hand, with the back facing the light, between the plant and the light. If you are getting the correct amount of light for the violets your hand should cast a shadow, but you shouldn't feel the heat on the back of your hand.


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              CactusJill, thanks will check my grow lights the way you describe, it very well could be a lighting issue ...I am hoping


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                Wishingstar do your grow lights have both blue and red spectrum lights? If I remember right African violets tend to do best with both. It has been a long time. I live in Oregon and it is always gray here and mine did great near a south facing window. Usually in summer that would be too much direct light for violets but due to how my house is designed the south facing window didn't put direct light on my plants.

                Mine did so well that I would often pick up the sad, near death plants at the store ( for next to nothing) just to proprogate a new plant from a remaining good leaf. When I was at my peak I had just about every color available. My baby was a beautiful burgundy blossom. Haven't seen that one since.
                I found light was the biggest factor in blooming. I rarely repotted, even though it is recommended to be done once a year, some say twice. Plus I was awful at fertilizing. When I did I used an tablet specific for African Violets.

                Alas, I lost all my plants when I went on a extended vaction and left the house too warm. It gets VERY hot in summer here.

                Good luck.


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                  my mom was the one with the green thumb, i couldn't get a plant to grow to save my own soul. :rollingeyes:


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                    I don't know if you can get this in the States but there is a fertilizer here called "Grannys Bloomers" and it works amazingly well on African violets.


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                      Mine bloom constantly. I have them in a south window and rarely fertilize. I do have a large one that just sat for a long long time. I was getting ready to repot it and noticed it had a bunch of blossoms on it and it hasn't quit. I think repotting them sets them back. But..what do I know???!!


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                        North I will look for that tomorrow! thanks

                        Grammy mine used to always bloom, I really miss that a lot. so far havent re-potted since I bought them!!! so they should be fine there.
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                          African violets

                          Mine are in clay pots. I water them from the bottom. (Put some little pebbles in a dish and set the clay pot on top of the pebbles, pour the water in bottom of the the dish instead of into the soil in the pot). Both plants are in full bloom almost all the time. I don't use any special food or fertilizer on them. They do seem to like to be root-bound though.


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                            It seems the less I do for them, the more they like it. Mine was mad at me for some time but since I started ignoring it, finally there is happiness. I water once a week from the bottom, that is it.

                            I agree with Ang about the root-bound.


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                              Mine bloom all the time too .... facing east and pot bound. Have also heard that they need to be a bit crowded in their pots to bloom the best. Good Luck!